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October 8, 2002

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April 17, 2002
sunday, april 7

Just called G and made fun of him for being an hour late to work. We completely missed the whole daylight savings thing due to a crazed, busy night.

First Ms. K had a christopher guest fest at her famous Hollywood Hills Mansion. which entailed three guest movies: "Waiting For Guffman", "Princess Bride" and "Spinal Tap" or "Best in Show". I'm not sure what they watched because we had to leave after "Guffman". A really nice group of people and lots of laughter made it hard to go.

We made a brief but thorough appearance at the Echo Park gallery openings, which include Fototek, Ojala, et al. It was a mob scene, especially at the middle gallery where a cop was having a show of his paintings. It was sponsored by Krispy Kreme.

The baby and I split a donut.

There were some nice photographs of NYC in the 40s and 50s. Nothing blew my mind but it was too crowded to relax and give anything a proper viewing.

We got home and I called my sister to let her know that I would meet her at the Evidence Room.

The place was packed. The show started right away. We crammed ourselves into the corner on a cushioned bench. the late night serial called "the comic strip" was being performed in the front room, not the main theater. the evidence room is my favorite theater space in l.a. it is fantastic. It is a simply huge, cement-floored warehouse but it feels so alive.

"The Comic Strip" did not disappoint. the actors were superb. There were a few scenes I could have lived without, but two characters in particular made up for everything. Zepharis with his blondish wig and beret talked in a perfectly stilted, Christopher Walken dialect making everything that came out of his mouth hilarious. in the final scene you finally get to meet hilda. who they had been alluding to all through the night. I have to bring a camera next time because i'm afraid she is just a figment of my imagination. Maybe I fell asleep and dreamed her up, she was just that perfect. With her face painted perfectly white and her hair in a dark bob, she pounced on the stage like a teenage Bettie Davis. Her eyes were perfectly round, outlined in black and bugged out convulsively when she delivered her low, gutteral lines. They really saved some of the best lines for her. Her lips were done in red, of course, and exaggerated dramatically, or ridiculously, so i could not stop watching them move. I'm going back next week just to make sure she is real.

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