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October 8, 2002

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Recent Entries:
So Happy and So Thankful
Sean visits the Getty!
Slowdancing with my bay-ay-bee
Sean visits the Westside!
Landon & Company
Paranoia Self-Destroya
Happy Birthday Kelli!!!
Greg was bjorn to be a Daddy!
Froggy Takes a Bath!

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November 29, 2002
So Happy and So Thankful


We had an amazing Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for this year, and then friends offer to come over and cook dinner. Then more friends come and bring already cooked food! As usual there was more than enough. Then came much music and laughter.


Big Thanks to Heather and Steve!

And more love and thanks to Ali, Ken B., Ben, Marketa, Jeff, Erin, Tony, Ashley, and Mr. Sean Cassidy (no joke he was really at our house!) Then a whole gaggle of folks showed up for pie and such.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about hosting the deal. The whole new baby thing has made me a bit of a nelly. But Sean Harland was a trooper and loves being passed from warm body to warm body. Uncle Tony was christened with spit up upon meeting our little boy wonder, but other than that Sean acted like the perfect host.

Well after midnight our little family collapsed into bed with smiles all around and very full bellies.

And by the way, Happy Chanukah!!!

Posted by Molli at 07:20 PM

November 27, 2002
Sean visits the Getty!


Sean met his fairygodmother today! My dear friend Karen and Sean finally got to meet and I cannot imagine a more perfect setting.


It was a gorgeous day. We could see all the way to the ocean.



Posted by Molli at 07:40 PM

November 20, 2002
Miss K Works From Home...or the World's Most Expensive Nanny!


Hey, she did not say which "home"... Miss K was trying to sneak by the house this morning and we enticed her inside with coos and smiles. Sean fell instantly asleep on her soft shoulder and I ran around the house like a madwoman getting sh%$ done! Thanks K and feel free to work from our house anytime.

Posted by Molli at 07:49 PM

November 19, 2002
Slowdancing with my bay-ay-bee


I introduced Sean to the other Elvis today, Elvis Costello that is. "Trust" is such a great album, we had a little dance contest and then he fell asleep. G and I keep talking about how cool it is that he gets to experience things for the first time. Like the first time I remember hearing Led Zeppelin. I was mesmerized. He gets to read The Fountainhead for the first time, too many good things await him.

He also did yoga for the first time. It was a "mommy and me" class that had tons of kids running and crawling around. He did great, newborns are amazingly flexible.

Posted by Molli at 07:11 PM

November 17, 2002
Sean visits the Westside!

Sean got a lot of love today and we got to eat good ol' El Sombrero mexican food. It was a gorgeous day in Manhattan Beach, perfect for strolling or strollering along the beach.


We took the opportunity to look at G's baby pictures. I always suspected that G might have some magical powers. I mean, who could be that good at guitar and painting without a little magic.


Make no mistake, he's no muggle!

Posted by Molli at 07:49 PM

November 16, 2002
Landon & Company


In an effort to return to normalcy we actually had people over to dinner last night. Landon Noah Ackerman is six days older than Sean. Landon could easily take Sean in a fight. Sure our boy is scrappy but Landon is one bad bald, burly baby! It's so nice to sit around with other new parents and compare notes.

Cheers to Michael and Erin for making the long and perilous trek (with a baby that is) from the Hollywood Hills!

Posted by Molli at 08:47 AM

November 13, 2002
Paranoia Self-Destroya

The new world of parenthood is fraught with perils. Is he breathing? Is he eating enough? Is he hot or do I just have on too many layers? Etcetera, etcetera. What kills me is that there are so many unimaginable horrors and then just when you think you are safe, you look into buying your baby a toy chest and you are informed that toy chests are extremely dangerous. Is there suddenly a new generation of moron kids? I have never heard of this and I'm shocked. I'm also quite shocked that you can actually spend $500 on a toy chest, no excuse me, $4000.00! Apparently there is a new generation of moronic parents!

Posted by Molli at 03:54 PM

November 12, 2002
Happy Birthday Kelli!!!


Posted by Molli at 09:29 PM

November 10, 2002
Sunday morning smile


Posted by Molli at 07:49 AM

November 07, 2002
Greg was bjorn to be a Daddy!


All in a day's work...


Posted by Molli at 07:13 PM

November 05, 2002
baby sleeps through nov 5 elections


I know you can see this picture on other websites. But I could not resist his puffy cheeks.

He is still sleeping. I can hardly believe it. Feels like we have been up for days and days. Last night I saw part of every hour, except maybe I slept through most of 4am to 5am or maybe I just couldn't see the clock through my droopy eyes. So, for now, he sleeps. He fell asleep on our way to vote, he slept while we voted, got burritos from Yuca's and now he makes small noises. I'm sure he's hungry or needs a fresh diaper. My tired body has mixed emotions. I miss him while he sleeps, unless (for some odd reason or the starts should align) I am actually sleeping too.

Posted by Molli at 06:16 PM

November 03, 2002
Froggy Takes a Bath!



Posted by Molli at 07:10 PM



My mom (on the left) has been here for a few days. That should explain it. Today we're all sleeping in and enjoying life as a family... I promise more pictures and stories soon.

Posted by Molli at 10:23 AM







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