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October 8, 2002

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Recent Entries:
A Weekend in No Cal
Mom's Group meets at the Beach!!
Saturday at LACMA
Busy Sunday...
Sean's First Flight and Visit to the Farm!
Sean tries avacado...
Wednesday Playgroup!
Babalog Guest Stars!
Bananas for Lunch!
Sean meets Mr. Crib

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March 31, 2003
A Weekend in No Cal

Sean with Auntie Ames...

Too much to report and tons of pictures. Sean met all kinds of great people this weekend. From college friends to...


the "Kristans" from high school


uncle foji from the old san francisco days...


and here is my old playpen buddy Joey T. and his new baby Jeffrey Joseph!

Posted by Molli at 09:11 PM

March 27, 2003
Aunt Kelly feeds Sean pears!


Posted by Molli at 07:59 AM

Mom's Group meets at the Beach!!


Posted by Molli at 07:59 AM

March 23, 2003
Saturday at LACMA



We went to the dual show of John Singer Sargent in Italy and Ansel Adams at 100. The Sargent paintings were scrumtrulescent for lack of any better way to descibe it.

What I learned about Ansel Adams, he took many many many pictures. There were a few from Joshua Tree and Pebble Beach (imagine fog, cypress trees and white sand) that I had never seen before, truly amazing.

BTW, I actually had a girl's night out this week. Emmanuelle, Ali, Kim, Bonnie and I went to see Old School on Thursday night. Then finished the night at the fabulous Tiki Ti.


I don't care what the critics or anyone else has to say about it, if your college experience was anything remotely similar to mine, then you will LOVE this movie. God bless Will Ferrell!!

Posted by Molli at 10:45 AM

March 21, 2003
Happy Friday!



Posted by Molli at 03:47 PM

March 18, 2003
Busy Sunday...

We flew in from Oregon @ 8am on Sunday morning. We spent some quality time reuniting with Dad and then we were off to multiple parties.

First, little Sofie was christened at the Self-Realization Temple on Sunset. We lived right near there and I never went in, it was fun to finally check it out. It has a beautiful garden with lovely spaces for meditation.


The cute little monk who christend Sofie actually used the phrase "Jesus and the Gurus" which sounds like a band from the 70s.


The ceremony was short, Greg and Sean looked very cute.

Then we went to Eva and Guido's for cake and presents. They live in the amazing Trianon on the 5th floor, another place I've always wanted to visit. I can't find a good picture of it, but it's the cool castle style building on Serrano just above Hollywood.

Posted by Molli at 11:26 AM

March 17, 2003
Sean's First Flight and Visit to the Farm!



Sean and Aunt Kelli just before boarding the plane. We were all on our way to visit Grandma in Oregon.


Grandma's farm is called "Morning Star" and Sean got to sit on top of Captain the Donkey.

Sean and Hildegard spent some time getting aquainted by rolling around on the floor.


Posted by Molli at 09:54 AM

March 10, 2003
Last day of avacadoes...


Sean's become interested in eating, so he's trying one kind of food, once-a-day, for four days in a row. Bananas came first, then avacadoes and tomorrow we try sweet potatoes. With the help of a great book called Super Baby Food as a guide, Sean is trying the least allergenic and most easily digestable foods first. So far no allergies and it has been a lot of fun.

Posted by Molli at 01:15 PM

March 08, 2003
Sean tries avacado...


He got more on his face than in his mouth, but we'll give it another go this afternoon. Bananas were a big hit, but avacadoes might not make the list.

Posted by Molli at 09:06 AM

March 06, 2003
Wednesday Playgroup!



Posted by Molli at 08:50 AM

March 05, 2003
Babalog Guest Stars!


Today's guest stars are the adorable Almgren clan at ages 6, 4 and 8!

Posted by Molli at 09:17 AM

March 04, 2003
Bananas for Lunch!


Posted by Molli at 11:27 AM

March 03, 2003
Sean meets Mr. Crib


In honor of his new found skills at rolling, I thought it was time to introduce Sean to his new naptime friend "Mr. Crib". After a beautiful 360 degree roll (on the living room floor) from back to front and all the way to his back again, Sean began rubbing his eyes and humming. I placed him in his crib and he played for ten minutes then decided he wanted to be picked up again. We rocked and nursed a little in the chair, then Debussy's "Claire de Lune" came on, that did the trick.

Posted by Molli at 02:52 PM







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