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October 8, 2002

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April 24, 2002
Wednesday In Hollywoodland


It was a very strange day... I woke up from a dream in which I was flying all over the SF Bay Area. For some reason I had to use a magic towel to fly. I could only fly by stretching it over my head and catching the wind just so. My flight patterns followed the major NorCal freeways and bridges that span the Bay itself. I flew above the Bay Bridge, the San Mateo and then back across the smelly old Dumbarton Bridge that we used to take to get to our family dentist in Fremont. I kept wanting to go farther wondering if my magic towel would take me to LA. But I woke up before I could.

My sister was always along for the ride in the station wagon. She hated that dentist because he messed up her teeth. I hated him for the cherry flavored rinse that has given me a permanent dislike of any cherry flavored candy. She woke me up from my crazy dreams, first thing this morning with her daily call...


she suggested that we go for a hike. It started pouring rain as I waited for her to get across town. By the time we left the sun was coming out as if it never happened. We explored Bronson Canyon for a while.

We stood above this exact spot and debated if it would be a good place to skate.


It looks like I was right and it appears to be especially inviting at sunset. We never found the Bat Cave, but that just leaves us something for next time. It's the perfect place to bring your dog, only I would not know what to do with one the rest of the time...

We were actually heading for Runyon Canyon. Perhaps we turned too soon, we get to talking and often forget to pay attention. We sat in the parking lot for a while and discussed the terrible voices of the KPFK "Hosts". Especially Lisa Garr from The Aware Show. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard and her silly show is something straight out of a SNL sketch, only not as funny.

To leave you on a more positive note, Ms. K and I checked out Y Tu Mama Tambien at the LF3. Wow! On the surface, a simple movie with lots of sex with two young, hot Mexican boys... yummm... however, it truly succeeds where most Hollywood teen movies fails. The innocence of the young boys is never lost, instead it is constantly reinforced by their bravado and desperate machisimo. The characters remain real and beautiful in their awkwardness and palpable vulnerability. It was a simple movie, easy to follow and lovely to watch. The scenes in the small towns will bring smiles to anyone who has ever wandered down a dirt road in Mexico. I give it a very warm recommendation. And with that... hasta manana!

Posted by Molli at April 24, 2002 10:16 PM







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