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October 8, 2002

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April 30, 2002

6AM..Monday, April 29th

It is a gorgeous morning, clear blue skies in every direction. I can watch the sun come up through the reflection off the houses across from us in the hills. It is bright and inspiring. On Sunday late afternoon, G and I went down to the LA River just below Elysian Park. Elysian Valley is the name of a neighborhood I have just discovered through my pottery class. The middle of the river is overgrown with vegetation and serves as a mid-city bird sanctuary.

LA River.jpg

There were a ton of people biking or walking along the river, as well as an overcrowded reception at the art studio adjacent to the Eads Street entrance.

The 5th Grader art, a collection I like to call "Impresssions of the LA River", was fantastic.

pigeon collage.jpg


We barely had time to eat dinner before we were due at Spaceland for a benefit concert to support the Silver Lake school. Mike Randle performed first. He did a short acoustic set. His songs are beautiful and funny, a perfect combination. He played some music off his solo albums and a couple Baby Lemonade songs. Seems to me that they were mostly about different places to eat in Hollywood. I wonder how the baby would react to Pink's? I'll have to give it a whirl sometime soon, but there is always such a terrible line. Anytime of day or night there is a line ten people deep at that little hot dog stand. I have a secret dream of opening a Pink's on our side of town.

Oh how the mind wanders.

We stayed for Trinket, but my sober endurance could not last for Jon Brion or The Sugarplastics. It had been a long weekend. But Trinket, Trinket was fabulous. A mostly girl band with Kurt representing the men on drums. Their songs are intelligent, witty and catchy. Heather smelled like booze after the set, but maybe I'm just jealous. I totally want to be her when I grow up. She plays a mean bass, she can sing and she is a mom, too!


I think they are the only rock band with a song about breastfeeding! Not sure what it was called. Let's just call it "Feed Me Mommy!" The guitars were great, like a screeching baby.

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