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October 8, 2002

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May 02, 2002
Puff Mommy

Due to hormonal influences I am wide awake and ready to puke at 3am. The really sad part is that if I don't get my requisite twelve hours of sleep my eyes puff up like I've been on a week long crying spree. I'm just glad that you are here for me dear bloggy. You're up all night, just waiting for me. You might need to do something about your codependency, but for now I'm just glad you are here.

Maybe I'm all worked up about the Dodgers losing. It was a sad excuse for a game. Except for the Dodger Dogs, they were good and plentiful. Just the thought about those dogs makes me a little queasy right now. I wanted to tell you about the weird food cravings (like the special trip I had to make to the store to buy a whole pineapple) but it will have to wait until this bout with nausea passes.

The good news:

Sorry to be such a goddamn broken record. Endless seasickness is not the only thing I have been feeling, I swear. There have been times that I have felt so amazing and blissed out that it beats any other high I have ever experienced. In that way, I am sad that men cannot experience being pregnant. When I feel good, I feel really good and strong as if my body is finally doing something, biologically, right. I also feel overwhelming love for my husband. We can be in the middle of a silly (yet passionate) bicker and still look each other in the eyes. Then we laugh. It is difficult to put into words due to its visceral nature. I am experiencing a physical love for him that flows from my my head to my tingling fingers and toes. Perhaps it is a premonition of parental love.

Also, besides looking and feeling like I am getting an out-of-control beer gut without enjoying the benefits of drinking... I have experienced quickening or "life" fluttering like a butterfly in my belly. The baby is only a couple pounds right now so s/he is not up to a full kick just yet. But you can bet that there is some serious swimming going on.

Good morning America, good night darlings!

Posted by Molli at May 02, 2002 05:43 AM







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