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October 8, 2002

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May 05, 2002
Un otro Domingo enfermo en Mayo

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

It was another beautiful Spring weekend, I could not imagine living anywhere else.

My "weekend" started with G and I seeing a 4 o'clock showing of Spider-Man with half of John Marshall High School. I really liked it, it was great fun and wonderful to look at. As we walked out G says, "It wasn't very realistic." He's too funny, can you see why I snagged him?

Friday night I went out with Miss K and Hottie. It was almost a girls night out except we were escorted by a Southern Gentleman. We watched Big Rock City and Tsar play at a loft party on 11th Street downtown. The home of the legendary Rick Royale. Rick is one of my favorite L.A. characters. I actually met him almost 10 years ago when he played in Seattle with rockabilly superstars the Rattled Roosters. Then I met him again right when we moved to L.A.

Rick's new band finished off the night then we headed straight for Jay's Jayburgers, very nice! You know the spot from the very posed picture of No Doubt in last month's Rolling Stone. Yeah, like Gwen Stefani eats anything at Jay's...

But when G's baby wants a burger, G's baby gets a burger. At least I stayed away from the chili and onions, which is more than I can say for the Southern Gentleman. Huge props to his lovely and tolerant girlfriend for letting us borrow him for the night!

Where was I?

Saturday started with a hike, once again with Miss K and Hottie. Once again in Bronson Canyon, my new favorite hiking spot. Then Miss K had a nice bbq with some serious displays of public drunkeness.

Woke up very tired and feeling nauseated again.

Pregnacy... all the hangovers without any of the glorious booze.

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