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October 8, 2002

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June 30, 2002
Happy Birthday Coulter!


We had a very tired Coulter and Varnell over for dinner and cake. They were just back from roughing it for a few days in the Angeles Forest. Luckily no one was eaten by mountain lions.


This is the ode de Coulter I wrote last year for his birthday...


In decades past a child came to be
the youngest brother, but not the least.
His mother doted, nay not to blame is she,
on life and laughter he does feast.

As he frets with restless whirls,
the teeming crowd he does dare
to be hypnotized by fancy twirls
of sticks in hand and in the air.

Behind cymbal, snare… away in back
sits working man in cowboy hat.
Crashing in like a ground attack
in perfect time a-rat-a-tat-tat.

Music feeds the frenzied soul
whose stories never cease to amaze.
The phoenix reborn to rock n' roll
each time his drums are set ablaze.

A hero, he is, on a summer's day
as magic is grilled and deftly shared.
Spirits drank and wantoned away
'til mind grows calm and then impaired.

He disappears without a trace
swiftly flying across the ground.
Perhaps he finds a state of grace
as dawn rolls in without a sound.

If in some sorrow he breaks to tears
a gentle heart resides within.
Yea, stong enough to face his fears,
ne'er weakly to disguise chagrin.

With dedication he pursued his love
near Paradise she lived, yet not in.
To him she is an angel from above
he endeavored her heart to win.

What wondrous old friends they are
and now true loves they have become.
Each gone from far to near to far,
together now they make a home

In our wild friend we do delight
lest we forget why we are here…
To him a starry future bright
and to dreams he stay sincere.

Posted by Molli at June 30, 2002 10:03 PM







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