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October 8, 2002

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July 11, 2002
To the Valley for Putt Putt and a Reuben


We're up and there is no sign of daylight. I blame it on the half of a Reuben I ate last night at Solley's deli in the Valley. We stopped there in honor of brother Solomon and stayed because the place was packed (with Valley folk) and the menu was quite extensive, replete with pickles waiting at every table. It was very comparable to Canter's. Only it was in the Valley. Did I mention that? Freak show. How do people end up there? Are you born there and can't get out? Do people actually move there? If they like it, they can have it and they should stay there and do whatever it is they do to be happy.

crazyvalley.jpg We went to play mini-golf. After threatening to do so for a couple years we finally made the pilgrimage to the Castle in Sherman Oaks. It was everything a mini-golfland should be. Three courses filled with unbelievable hazards including the traditional windmill and the occasional moving target, so much to choose from. We played skeeball, some weird Austin Powers game, then raced snowmobiles and motorcycles. G kicked my behind at everything, but you try straddling a motorcycle with an eight pound belly and a mini-skirt! It was a fantastic date all the way around. G's golf skills are truly remarkable, he got a birdie on almost every hole.

My friend Axel told me the toughest part of getting up for the World Cup (other than Germany losing, I'm sure) was deciding whether to have a beer or a cup of coffee. To all the insomnia affected pregnant women around the world I pose a similar dilemma, ice cream or cereal?

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