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October 8, 2002

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August 14, 2002
Loh Life takes on Breastfeeding

KCRW's Sandra Tsing Loh comments on her personal experiences during World Breastfeeding Week.

You can listen to Part 1 and Part 2.

According to Loh, "Nothing goes with nursing like a nice... cold... beer."

She also goes over the La Leche guidelines for breastfeeding:

"...Only certain activities are sanctioned in the La Leche League handbook. Can a woman breastfeed twins? Of course she can. Can she breastfeed while working? Of course she can. While skiing? Why not!?! Doing brain surgery? Give it a try! Indeed multi-task is what you'll have to do if you breastfeed your baby as recommended, a.k.a. fifteen minutes per side, two sides per feeding, ten to twelve times every twenty-four hours, preferably for at least two years. Which is not possible unless you have a small coterie of men in g-strings oiling you, powdering you and rolling you over and over like a gigantic larva so you can be unconcious the whole day because p.s. things like pain medication are frowned upon... but never mind, who needs an epidural when "Breastfed babies get sick less!" "Breastfed babies don't get fat!" "Breastfed babies are smarter!"

I'm getting really pumped up!

Posted by Molli at August 14, 2002 07:31 PM







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