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October 8, 2002

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August 18, 2002
Eclectic Weekend of Fun (Part 1)

I just met Miss K for coffee at the coffee table and now I'm wired to the gills (on de-caf for all you prego-Nazis out there ready to call in the maternity cops) and spinning around the messy cat-hair infested house and not really getting anything done.

It's been a great weekend so far and since we have a few more parties this afternoon, I thought I should get an early jump on the re-capping.


My sister and bro-to-be got back from Maui at 4am on Friday. They are tan and happy and staying with us for a few days before heading back out to Wright's Lake and then Burning Man. It's great to have my sister around, somehow it feels just like summer vacation.

On Friday, we went to Cafe Largo in the Fairfax District with a nice smelling crew of people for dinner. I finally saw Jon Brion after hearing about him for the last few years. Guess I'm just slow to jump on those slow-moving bandwagons. People have tried to explain his act to me and words can't really do it justice. You'll just have to get down there and see it for yourself. I never really got past the image of "he plays all these instruments." Like he was some sort of one man band with everything strapped to his body. It's far more classy than that, I HIGHLY recommend it. Fantastic. The music just sweeps you up and carries you away. Most importantly he really enjoys himself the whole time, like some sort of mad scientist showing off his experiments as they smoke and explode and then come out as simple perfection. He ended the first set (per audience semi-request) with a ragtime medley of Bowie tunes. The food at Largo is ok, but not too expensive, so worth it so you can sit down instead of standing in back at the bar (especially if you in your 8th month...) I am all over dinner theater, my next dream is check out Preston Smith somewhere in the Valley.

Yesterday, sis and I went swimming. Yummy. We also went to see The Good Girl which I cannot recommend with very much enthusiasm. But you know, I can't find a bad review of the damn thing, so maybe it's just me. I feel like that Jake Gyllenhaal is following me around though, I keep seeing him in all these movies.

So while I'm still buzzing I best get some real stuff done. The carefree childless weekends are slowly counting down, so I'm out there fighting the good fight while I still can. Don't know how many parties you get invited to when you have a screamy poopy adorable little bugger with you. It's pretty weird being the pot-bellied sober girl at some of these functions though.

Be well and get used to the clouds because they are here to stay for another week...

Posted by Molli at August 18, 2002 12:10 PM







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