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October 8, 2002

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September 26, 2002
The Haze


For the third morning in a row I have been up at 4am. A weird haze fills the valley around our house. It's nice to have a break from the heat even if it's just for the morning hours, but it's also pretty creepy and quiet in our house.

I'm having trouble figuring out what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm actually pretty good at waiting. I've never been one to freak out at long lines. One time Miss K, Basart and I waited for hours and hours to see Weezer at Spaceland. We got all the way to the door and the fire marshall showed up. The club was over capacity and they were not going to let anyone else in for the rest of the night. It all worked out ok because Justin let us know the next time they were playing and we got in no problem...

G and I took a three hour baby CPR class last night. The teacher was an RN who kept the class moving and interesting. We practiced on baby manikins.


There were a few moments when I thought about how scarey things would be if anything happened to our baby. Then I started remembering all the near-fatal and frightening things that happened to my sister and I when we were little. My parents seemed to handle it all pretty well. Here's the short list...

  • My sister ate a whole bottle of baby aspirin. I can't remember if she liked the taste or if she was feeling really sick and thought it would make her better faster... she had to be rushed to the ER and have her stomach pumped.

  • When I was two, I fell down a steep 30 foot cement stairway and cracked my head open. Apparently I spent some time getting stitched up. All I recall is the nurse giving me a lollipop when we were leaving.

  • At age three or four, I drank a bee into my mouth where it stung the inside of my cheek. I already had a very round face with large puffy cheeks so one can only imagine...

  • At six or seven I was bouncing on our trampoline and got my foot tangled in the springs, my head came flying down on the metal bars around the outer edge. I was watched all night for a concussion with a bruise on the side of my head just a few centimeters from my temple.

    Most of these are just normal, rites-o-passage for kids. There is nothing really out of the ordinary. I cannot believe this is what I signed up for. Yeah, like I am going to get any sleep for the next twenty-odd years!

    Posted by Molli at September 26, 2002 05:06 AM







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