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October 8, 2002

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October 29, 2002
Mutual Fascination


This has to be quick because it's either write this up, make tea or clean the spit up that is dripping down my arm. Lucky for you I opted to show off a wonderful picture from this morning. Sean just stares and stares at the light coming in from the window. It's a great distraction for five minutes so I can wash my face and brush my teeth. We have a mutual fascination, I am completely overwhelmed with love and fascination with my son. I study him for hours every day. I am in complete awe that this little boy is going to keep growing as long as we keep feeding...

He, in turn, is fascinated by light and shadows and the occasional face or eyeball. He loves to chew on his hands, to gurgle and, of course, to feed endlessly as if he is on some sort of secret mission to grow up. I know every stage is going to be fascinating for both of us. To his eyes blobs and shadows will become well defined forms and colors. His small hands with their random movements will learn to grasp and eventually come under his control.

For now I love this age, this three week old (today!) that is such a baby, such a dependent and yet it all feels so fleeting. Today I enjoy this mutual fascination, me with him and he with the entire world.

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